Where it all started ….

The founding members held their first meeting on 30 November 1987, and a Steering Committee was formed.   Those present were Mr & Mrs Richards, Mr & Mrs Lloyd, Mr & Mrs Meade, Mr Waite, Mr Wright and Miss Allen.  The name of the Association was chosen, and Miss B Morley, a Regional Information Officer, explained what was involved in starting a local association. Subscriptions were proposed as £3 for an individual, £5 for a household and £1 for junior members. 

Outings and Talks were arranged and the formation of the Association was publicised via a public meeting in 1988 and advertisements.  It was an immediate success.  Just one year later the membership stood at 310.   Two years later it was 345, and the Association’s finances allowed it to make its first donations to Berrington Hall. 

The first President of the Association was Mr George Clive of Allensmore.

We are now in our 30th year.  The Committee is planning an event to celebrate this milestone.

Members of HTMA enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Kelmarsh Hall, Staffordshire in July 2015


In August 2015 we learned about the recently restored 17th century Summerhouse at Homme House, Much Marcle, Herefordshire


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